These are the questions we are asked on a regular basis. If you want to know something not answered below, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Are you able to visit every potential client?


How long does it take from initial instruction for a regular arrangement to be set up?

We endeavour to ensure that arrangements are set up as quickly as possible, however if you are able to give a little notice of when you require an arrangement to start it is helpful.

Will I be able to specify a set day and time?

Yes! Then, once agreed your visit will be at the same time every day we have agreed to come.  We do like to emphasise that we can be flexible to suit the client’s needs.

Are you fully insured?

Yes! We have all the necessary insurance.

Do you send the same member of staff every time?

A member of staff will be allocated to you and this will remain the same at all times except in cases of holidays or sickness. You will be notified in due course if this is the case.

How do I pay?

Invoices are sent after four visits or at the end of each month, whichever comes first. It is also possible to pay weekly if agreed in advance. We accept cash and cheque ONLY.

How are employees recruited and how will I know that they are honest and reliable?

Initially an interview is held over the telephone or an application form sent out to potential employees. If at this stage the applicant is potentially suitable, they are invited to attend a more extensive interview where references will be requested. The references are then taken up and if they prove to be satisfactory that person will be employed on a three month trial basis. All staff are required to submit a Disclosure Scotland prior to recruitment starting which will then be updated annually.

What would happen if I was not happy with the member of staff I was sent?

f you are neither satisfied or comfortable with your allocated member of staff, we can arrange for someone else to be allocated to you.

How much notice is required for a cancellation?

24 hours notice is required.

How can you guarantee the standard of your work is always high?

We pride ourselves on the level of service provided and that is what our reputation is built on. If you consider the service received is not satisfactory, please contact us immediately so we can rectify the problem. Complaints are dealt with very seriously and are made in the strictest confidence.